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New York City Individual Tax SpecialistsNew York City Individual Tax Specialists

At VB&T, CPA’s, we recognize the importance of filing an accurate tax return and paying the minimum tax allowed by law. Our firm will prepare your tax return at a very competitive price and relieve you of all of the anxiety involved with tax filing. There is no return that is so simple nor is there any return so complex that we can’t handle. We prepare returns for every state that requires filing and we can handle any situation including multi-state and part year residency.

Our firm is full service and open 12 months a year. The tax return is prepared by a CPA, unlike other tax services that use preparers who are often lacking proficiency, experience and are not up to date with current tax law and changes in the tax law. There are many tax preparers that are preparing your tax return with nothing more than a high school diploma and a six week tax preparation class.

We will review your prior year’s return free of charge, when filing your current year return. We will E-File your return, and arrange for any refund to be directly deposited into your account.

There is a “TV” advertisement from a large tax preparation firm stating they will review your prior year return for $29.95 and they also say that 80% of the returns they reviewed were wrong. We at VB&T do things a little differently, we provide the review service free of charge and we do not manufacture silly statistics. We think you will like our way of doing things a lot better.

We want to make it clear that we are here to assist you twelve months a year and not just for tax season. If you get a “Notice”, call us and we will help you straighten out any problems regarding your tax situation; even past years. We will perform professional services as your CPA, providing you with tax updates that might effect your situation. We perform tax and financial planning, besides providing full representation in case of audit. We are easy to work with and we are very competent advisors providing a service and not selling a product.

If you make that phone call for a tax appointment, it may be the most important phone call that you will make this year.

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