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New York City Business Tax Specialist

At VB&T, CPA’s, we are experts in preparing all business tax returns, regardless of your structure i.e. Subchapter S or C corporation, partnership, LLC or a sole proprietorship. We recognize the importance of understanding the nuances in the US tax code and how they affect different types of business structures. Our expertise extends to the preparation of consolidated and multi-state tax returns.

At VB&T, we are experienced in all matters requiring tax research regardless of complications and the multitude of elections that might be required to maximize tax deductions.

VB&T CPA’S are not only tax preparers, but are proficient tax analysts and financial consultants. We will assist you in financial planning and financial statement presentation, we are expert in recognizing the differences between tax preparation and financial reporting i.e. considering the timing differences between GAAP and deferred income taxes. VB&T CPA’S will provide you with tax projections during the year using “what if” scenarios that fit your unique situation. We recognize the importance of working well with your staff and provide you, the client, and the benefits of our many years of experience.

VB&T, CPA’s prepares returns for every state that requires filing, including sales and payroll taxes.

VB&T, CPA’s will prepare your business tax return at a very competitive price and relieve you of all of the anxiety usually involved with the tax filings.

VB&T CPA’S will prepare your business tax returns, and at your request, we can perform an independent audit of your financial statements. We will review your prior year’s return free of charge, when filing your return the current year. We will E-File your Federal tax return and the states that offer E-File.

We want to make it clear that we are professional advisors that will assist you in getting through the quagmire of continuously changing tax legislation.

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