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We at VB&T have earned a reputation for business integrity, while at the same time providing savvy financial planning and services for all of our clients. VB& T’s staff of CPA’s take pride inn staying ahead of the curve in tax preparation and financial planning both for business and individuals. Our services in the preparation of business plans and in crystallizing financial goals is not just limited to the groundwork; but to the achievement of these goals.

 At VB&T, we project a positive and realistic persona that makes us a part of your team, a team that can take a client’s ideas and realize them to the success that they have envisioned. Our hands on approach to our client needs have proven profitable for our clients.

When we at VB&T perform services, whether they be tax preparation or performing an audit, our client satisfaction soars to levels never before imagined. Opportunities present themselves from the most unexpected situations and we are able to take these and turn them into success after success. We at VB&T can assist you in every tax or financial situation regardless of the surrounding circumstances. We are also realists and will provide our experience and judgment, even if it is not what you want to hear.

But most of all, there is no situation that is hopeless and very often it is that adversity that creates opportunities for achievement of our client’s goals at a new and higher level.

At VB&T do not only prepare individual and business tax returns, but we also perform certified audits mainly for brokerage firms, mutual funds, privately owned or public companies which are in compliance with Generally accepted accounting principles and the “Public Company Accounting Oversight Board” standards.  We also prepare compilation and review reports as needed for our other clients along with consultation and planning services.

The AICPA proficiency standards dictate what engagements we should take and which engagements that we should not take.  We can assure you that when you engage our firm, whether it be to prepare a personal tax return or any other service, you, the client will have experienced a service that far exceeded your expectations.


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