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The New York City Accountant

We highly recommend VB&T. They have been our New York City Accountant s for the past twenty years. They are very professional and easy to work with. They do the accounting and tax returns for my corporation and our individual taxes.

Carolyn Jones and Jacques /Carolyn Jones Photography, Inc.
(212) 924-4226


VB&T, New York City Accountant has been assisting in our business planning providing financial statements, when needed by the “Bank.” They are expert in New York tax matters and they are very responsive to our needs.

American Pride Fasteners, Inc.
George Hugues, President
(631) 669-1314


Frank Van Buren, CPA (VB&T) has been preparing my tax returns for the past twenty years. He is the best and that is why I have been with him so long.

Heriverto Alicea
(718) 486-5102


We highly recommend VB&T, New York City Accountant because of their expertise in tax and financial matters. They are very accessible and have been the outside accountants in my business and prepare both our corporate and individual tax returns.

Richard Manno
Richard Manno & Co., Inc.
(631) 643-2200 EXT: 3018


Frank is a tax-time lifesaver and the best New York City Accountant . He’s been doing our returns for a few years and does a great job helping us understand and navigate the always changing tax-o-sphere. He’s personable, welcoming and professional. He takes the time to comb through your financials and asks all the right questions so you’ll walk out feeling confident that your return was done right. He’s also made himself available outside of tax time on a few occasions to answer questions. We’re really happy with VB&T and recommend to anyone looking for a great New York City Accountant .

Sean J. New York


My taxes were virtually painless this year thanks to Mr. Van Buren and his lovely staff. He is so incredibly friendly and totally knowledgeable on the minutiae of the taxes and finances. I trust him completely, and will be coming here year after year from now on. I am also sending my friends and colleagues over! Mr. Van Buren rocks! I want to be his friend. Highly recommended this New York City Accountant !

Melody P. Brooklyn New York


Despite what they say about taxes Mr. Van Buren actually makes the tax process pleasant and personable. He’s incredibly familiar with the rules and regulations and willing to talk you through your return with great patience. If you are a business owner or artist or anyone with several forms and schedules to fill he’s definitely the man for you because he understands the intricacies and points them out to you for your general education if you’re interested. I got there at the end of the day and was amazed by how much time he took with me. My taxes were filed painlessly the same evening and I went home with a full report. He’s just a terrific New York City Accountant .

A.D. New York NY

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