Tax Scam Alert from your new york city accountant for small bussiness


Tax Scam Alert from your new york city accountant for small bussiness

At the end of October. 2013 a client of mine received a telephone call from a person stating that he was an IRS agent and told my client that there was a large balance due to the iRS and if the taxpayer did not immediately wire the funds, the IRS would issue a warrant for the taxpayer’s arrest.  The taxpayer was told to call telephone # 415-484-2132.  I googled the number myself and it turned out to be a total scam. Please Google the number yourself and you will be shocked at the tactics used by these scam artists/criminals in an effort to extort money from unsuspecting victims.  These people are criminals and should be brought to justice for Impersonating an IRS agent which is a felony on its own.  This taxpayer did not owe any taxes to the IRS.

Please note that the IRS always communicates by mail.

  •             The IRS does not use Email.
  •             The IRS never threatens or uses extortion as means of collection.
  •             The IRS always sends written communications well in advance of collection in order to straighten out the matter or arrange for an installment agreement.

On November 11, 2013 this same taxpayer received another telephone call from so called IRS agents, “Steve Sebastian and Daniel Rich” and they said that they had a BB503 notice and demanded payment of $12,532.  These persons (impersonating IRS Agents) said in a threatening tone that the taxpayer was to call them at (347) 926-7027 the next morning.  I called that the telephone number of these scammers at the suggestion of the  FTC only to find out that it was a cell phone.  Someone answered the phone, but I could hardly hear that person and they suddenly hung up on me.

The IRS has a detailed publication on IRS.GOV warning of these tax scams and they provide various telephone numbers to the “Treasury Inspector General” and the “FTC Complaint Assistant”. I spent almost 3 hours being redirected by the automatic telephone service; but was finally able to file a “Complaint with the FTC”.

The IRS and the FTC provide information and warnings regarding these telephone scams and do not engage in the capture or prosecution of these criminals.

I really do not know how these people are apprehended.  Maybe the local police or FBI should be notified.  I don’t know.

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(Tax Scam Alert from your new york city accountant for small bussiness)

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